Neighborhood Bars in Oakland

There's a fine line between the dive bar and a college bar. Well, that may be a stretch because it seems that college bars are really dives that, for a fleeting moment, happen to be popular with the college crowd. Oakland's college bars are great places for those who enjoy drinking heavily in public without violating any social norms. Simply yell "College!" at the top of your lungs and immediately be excused for being double-fisted with two Pabst tall cans at 3pm on a Tuesday. Ah, the good old days. College bars are also perfect for brushing up the billiard skills or practicing chasing shots with more shots. These East Bay hangouts are known for great drink specials, so patrons can look forward to saving some cash while having a great time out.

6202 Claremont Ave Oakland CA 94618

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Neighborhood Bars by Oakland Neighborhoods